On March 29th 2014,  our teachers had the opportunity to attend the British council educator who lectured on how to become a better ESL teacher and provided extensive recourses and new teaching methodology that can be very useful on achieving our teaching objectives.

During this conference, we could learn that it is very important to provide different recourses like: audios with different accents, for example Indian, Australian, American or British accents to broaden the students language understanding ability. This will allow the student to speak and understand English when exposed to different cultures and environments.

Also we can provide our students lots of web pages as virtual recourse, in this way we connect our students to the virtual world. the first recourse was Prezi allows use to create wonderful and creative power point presentations instead of using a board when lecturing.

We Had the opportunity to discover an important recourse for English teachers:  the British council web page, this gives us a great support for our daily teaching, with website that includes audios and visuals to create a fun and dynamic learning environment in the classroom.

By: Javier Machado, Michelle Chavez

English Techer’s